IT systems get more connected and more complex, Vulnerability Bulletins keep rolling in and Vulnerability Assessment Scanners are always detecting new vulnerabilities on networks.

ZNA provides an effective Governance Risk and Compliance solution for IT Systems Vulnerabilities. ZNA VRM integrates with Vulnerability Scanners and Vulnerability Bulletins from leading vendors and replaces manual error-prone processes, thereby reducing the overall cost of Vulnerability Management whilst also driving down Risk.

Contact ZNA if your Enterprise either

  • Has to handle complex and costly governance and compliance requirements for Vulnerability Management
  • Has invested in Vulnerability Scanning and Vulnerability Bulletins, and wishes to increase the effectiveness of Vulnerability Management processes to gain the full benefit of its investment
  • Is embarking on a Vulnerability Management project and wishes to introduce best-practice in Vulnerability Risk Management from the outset
Vulnerability Risk Management is not about whether you are vulnerable, it’s how vulnerable and for how long.
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ZNA VRM is an Unique Solution for Vulnerability Risk Management
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